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Welcome To The Underground
The name is Cube. I reside in Tokyo, where I am either tagging and tearing up the streets with my boys in Poison Jam or taking it easy in my domain located conveniently in the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility. Just be sure to show me the proper respect befitting the Queen Of The Streets and don't piss me off.

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♪♪ Independent Cube rp account. All Art/characters are not mine unless otherwise stated. Any fandom welcome ♪♪
What A Bad Habit || Oftheninth

She wouldn’t lie, her hobby of partying, drinking then passing out always caught up to her be it in one way or another. From hellish hangovers that crippled her for half the day to waking up in strange places with almost no memory of what happened the previous night. Sometimes the places she ended up in made no sense, but without a memory of how she got there it was something she’d most likely never find out. 

She could hear people, people walking by, people stopping to talk and people asking others why she was there. Whatever, she was sleeping, regardless of her current locale. She mumbled something along the lines of ‘fuck’ and rolled over, her skates on the pavement next to her were clutched close to prevent anything or anyone from moving away. She could feel the sun on her skin, warming it. Must be morning then… Oh well morning is best for sleeping in after all.